Arya Persian Restaurant the Home of Famous Kebabs Manila

Arya Persian Restaurant is the home of authentic Persian cuisine and is one of the most progressive Persian Restaurants in the country.
Family owned & operated, it is one of the few restaurants where the preparation and the cooking is done by the owners themselves.
Persian kebab

The Executive Chef of Arya Persian Restaurant is Iranian-Filipino and grew up in Iran and mastered the talent of cooking delectable dishes and developed a taste for fine Persian cuisine that can be appreciated by any gourmand’s palate.

Authentic & home-cooked, Arya Persian Restaurants feature a host of Middle Eastern & Mediterranean dishes which are freshly prepared and served in a way that everyone, who has experienced the ambiance, hospitality, and flavors that this small piece of Persia offers, continues to visit and talk about it.
Arya Persian Restaurant has been consistently on Philippine Tatler’s list of Best Restaurants.

Arya Persian Restaurant Menu

We offer a wide array of Eastern dishes, particularly Persian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern, that not only satisfies the most discerning of palates, but also delights the senses of sight and smell.

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